Bubba Gandy’s

Under the sea! Under the SEA!!!

There’s no need to jump in the deep end when it comes to fresh seafood. Bubba Gandy’s located at 2445 Memorial Blvd St D, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 has that covered for you. Not a restaurant, but rather a fresh seafood market that specializes in shrimp and crawfish boils, and has all the seasonings to do it yourself.

Never frozen-that’s the big take away for their fish. They have scallops, both bay and sea scallops. Crab legs, shrimp, and several types of fish.

My usual review format doesn’t quite fit this business, so I am going to dispense with it this time and just talk about it a little. Pictures in this case will speak louder than this hippies words so be sure to check out the pics.

Need some supplies? They have them for boils, seasonings, and other fixins.

Need to pick up something to go quick? They have pre-made product as well. Rather than try to list everything here, I would check with them often as I am sure the menu changes with seasonal catches.


The service was friendly and informative, and fun to talk to.

Give ‘em a try if you love cooking fresh seafood.

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