The Country Gourmet

Valentine’s Day. If there is one day that says chocolate, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Life at Hippie Haven Studios is no different than anywhere else and when it comes to The Missus, no expense was to be spared in giving her the very best confectionaries. Where does HHH find the very best chocolates?

The Country Gourmet.

I stopped in to pick up a smattering of the sugary sweet proof of my love and devotion and by the power of Grayskull…something new was in that incredible case of delicacies.

Truffle bars.

Owners Chris and Karen Gerbman explained what these treats were and helped me select flavors The Missus was sure to swoon over.

How did she like them? As befits our romantic sensibilities, we videoed a taste testing just for you guys! Watch and see what unfolds!

Warning! This video was shot after a long 12 hour day for both of us, and to be honest…it’s shoddy. But you guys seem to respond well to our honest, genuine presentations flaws and all. This one will be played to type. Enjoy!

Make lunch, not war!

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A little pre show dinner tonite before the tasting goes live at 7pm CST. Cheese tortellini with chicken, peppers, onions, squash, and zucchini. See you in 40 minutes!



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