Spooky’s Pizza II

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Pumpkins, kids in cool costumes, and the variety of treats and tasty goodies just can’t be beat. It’s just so much fun. I wish there were someplace to eat where it’s Halloween all year ‘round.

Oh! Wait! There is!

Spooky’s Pizza II on 5995 Lebanon Rd, Murfreesboro, TN is just such a place. Small but flamboyant, Spooky’s lets its monster flag fly year round with delicious food, cool murals, and fun monster-themed names for many of its dishes. Their name and motto, “So good its scary” comes from a haunted hotel the owners have in Wartrace, TN where the original Spooky’s Pizza is located. 

Its worth mentioning, that Spooky’s doesn’t just offer pizza and other grill fare. Without a doubt, they have one of the most expansive vegan/vegetarian menus I’ve seen in the Rutherford County area. From cauliflower crust on pizzas to vegan wings, to mozzarella sticks…there’s something for just about everyone. About 4 menu pages of plant-based foods to be precise.

Let’s leave the Old Dark House and ride the Munster Mobile to this marvelous Monster Mash!

First Impression:

Spooky’s is located near Walter Hill, on the very edge of Murfreesboro. So, if you are looking for them it’s a bit of a drive. Located in a small strip mall, it’s kind of unassuming at a glance. A couple of small picnic tables outside the doors provide a bit of outdoor atmosphere if such is your pleasure. Parking is the usual strip mall collective of shared spaces. Access from the road is easy, and the signage is immediately noticeable with their logo and mascot, reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s Halloween costume only with a pizza instead of a pillow case full of rocks.


The place is just fun. Murals of caricature versions of Frankenstein, Dracula, and Zombies adorn the walls. Cob webs, lighting, and all the fun environmental trappings of classic “spooky” things abounds. Every square inch is displayed with Groovy Ghoulie goodness. Friendly greetings and warm smiles add to the unique experience as you enter the small and cozy dining room and order counter.


The Missus and I being lovers (and purveyors) of art, were thrilled to see the lively murals painted by a very talented artist. Seating is limited to one round 4-seater, and two window facing bars with stools, so keep that in mind. Seating wasn’t a problem while we were there, as it appears Spooky’s does a tremendous amount of delivery and take out orders.


Service is given at the counter, directly ahead as you walk in. The staff and owner were VERY polite and friendly. Since it was out first time there, we had questions…ESPECIALLY about the vegetarian/vegan options. They were knowledgeable about their products, very eager to answer our questions (which they did), and gave us the history behind their business, and how they came up with the theme. Owning a haunted hotel in Wartrace, TN inspired a friend of theirs to suggest the moniker “so good it’s scary” to them and the rest wrote itself. As well as getting great food, we felt like we had made new friends.


Vegan was one of the main reasons we came here, and we were not disappointed. We decided to try the “Vulture Scraps” or seitan wings as an appetizer. Seitan is a 6th century recipe that uses wheat as a base, and has a surprisingly meaty texture and taste. High protein and low-carb for my diabetic friends. We ordered ours BBQ’d, and they were pleasing to the palate. They looked a little more like ribs than wings, but I think the shape fit the “vulture” theme a bit more.

While I love Boombozz’s cauliflower pizza, I wanted to try something similar from other places to compare. Spooky’s did not disappoint. The have a cauliflower crust option for all their pizza’s, as well as a vegan crust in addition to their hand-tossed fare. The cauliflower crust is a bit smaller than a large, about 10” and costs a bit more. For someone with dietary needs like mine however, it’s well worth the price.

I ordered “Mount Spooky” on cauliflower crust as my main course. Basically, it is a “supreme” with all the usual ingredients: Spooky’s Pizza Sauce, Meatball, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Sausage, Black Olive, Bell Pepper, Onion, Mushroom, blended Mozzarella, Provolone & Munster.  Munster cheese on a pizza is something new to me, and I have to say it was a welcome addition. The sauce was delicious, and the toppings went all the way to the edge, and were piled high. I don’t usually order this style of pizza, preferring massive amounts of pepperoni usually, but I would get this again. Ingredients were fresh, cooked just right, and plentiful.

The Missus is “accidentally vegetarian” these days (more on that another day) and she went with one of the vegan pies. Her choice was “The Undertaker”, a Hawaiian pie with Spooky’s Pizza Sauce, Bacon, Pineapple w/Gourmet Vegan Mozzarella Cheese. The bacon is vegan bacon, made using the seitan process. She loved it and YES pineapple does go on pizza! If its wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Again, the toppings were more than enough and filled the pie. The Missus actually ate her leftovers later, which is not common. That’s how good it was.

Besides pizzas and vegan dishes, Spooky’s has burgers, subs, salads, and a variety of side dishes like wings, fries, bread and mozz sticks, all with regular and vegan options. For a small mom and pop place, the menu choices are impressive and the speed of service FAST. 


I have to admit, I usually don’t expect a clean exterior from strip mall businesses. It just never seems to be on the radar for some reason. Spooky’s was different. No cigarette butts on the ground around the door. No trash in the parking lot. The landscaping was clean and well maintained. That’s a sign of good management. The interior was the same. No food on floors, no sticky tables/counters, and the rugs and mats on the floor were clean of debris. Well done.

Final Thoughts:

This was a great date night for me and The Missus. Low key, fun, and great food. It’s a bit of a drive to get there, but worth it at the end of our visit. Before we left, the place was packed and I overheard someone say they had driven from Hermitage, TN just to come try it. If you’re vegetarian/vegan and looking for options, this place has them. If you want great food, ditto. If you want to go someplace that just has fun, cool scenery and friendly service this is it. Don’t want to make the drive? Spooky’s will come to YOU. They boast to have one of the largest delivery areas of anybody. Call them and ask for details.

How many peace signs does HHH give Spooky’s II? I’m giving it 4!

…and remember! Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Easter or 4th of July…”Make lunch, not war!” Dig it!

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6 thoughts on “Spooky’s Pizza II”

  1. Sadly, it’s not true vegan dough as it contains L-cysteine, an animal by-product. I did enjoy the food, regardless. The Satan’s Fingers and vegan ranch were delicious!

    1. Bobby Turman, Jr.

      The whole process of chemistry behind veganism is mind boggling to me. I know when I talked to them, they were very concerned about making sure their vegan stuff was legit. Maybe you could contact them? They are very receptive.

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