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Make lunch, not war

A celebration of local business and we’re doing it with an old fashioned chili cook off and beer competition! Being a charity event benefitting: Cannon County Community for Animals and Kymari House

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Andy’s Frozen Custard

It’s hot. I mean, it’s the kind of hot that hurts your feelings. Like you filled your clothes with hot soup and are walking around …

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Restaurant Reviews

Bar Louie

The Kingsmen once shouted “Louie, Louie”! Far from being the Delta House, “Bar Louie” located at 2615 Medical Center Parkway, STE 2395, Murfreesboro, TN 37129  is …

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My name is Bobby Turman, Jr. I spent over 35 years in the food and hospitality industry doing everything from management, corporate trainer, wedding coordinator, catering, event organizer…well, really just a little bit of everything.




Hello everybody!Just wanted to “drop a line” that HHH has to take a break to take care of some personal business for about a week. Selling the house is taking up all my time.Reviews of Acapulco Burrito, Battle of the Burgers, and more are going to come a little slow, but they are still coming.Keep on making lunch not war and I’ll be back up to speed shortly.



Sweet potato hash and a cappuccino in one of the most delightful historic settings in Rutherford County. Don’t have time to sit? Visit the take home display for something on the run. You’ll be glad you did.Make lunch not war!



About to eat breakfast at The Tasty Table. Check out this menu. ZOMG! Come on in and get one of the best breakfasts in town.



Diabetic friends and followers, DO NOT order a sugar free slush from Sonic.I was very misinformed when I asked before I ordered, but luckily a follower who works for Sonic helped set the record straight! Gonna chalk it up to an honest mistake, but if I hadnt checked my messages before I finished this thing, it could have been really bad.Worse on my part, I passed that info on to all of you before I fact checked it. Not like me at all, I just took their word for it.I deeply apologize to all my followers with Type 1 and 2 that depend on me for accurate information. I am very sorry.

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