Morning Brew Coffee and Biscuits

“I wish we had a coffee shop on the square.”

This is the song of my people. So many have commented on social media in Murfreesboro that they would love to have a dedicated coffee shop downtown. There are many places that DO serve coffee as part of their offerings, and there have been coffee shops in the past…notably The Clay Cup and Reveille Joe’s…that for one reason or another didn’t make it.

Murfreesboro on the square has gotten its wish in Morning Brew Coffee and Biscuits located at 405 N. Fronts St., Murfreesboro, TN. The small cozy building formerly the home of a small sandwich shop and event space now hosts the brews and chews brought to you by Tayo and Brett Duvall. The Missus and I paid them a visit recently, and had a delightful visit with these newcomers to the downtown scene.

Let’s see what’s brewing, shall we? (see what I did there?)

First Impression:

Morning Brew is located in a challenging area to drive in downtown. Construction has plagued the streets for a couple of years. However, don’t let that dissuade you.You can find it easily enough since it is located on a dead end street. You won’t get too far past it. The building is crisp looking with a fresh coat of paint on the outside. Sadly, the mural of “Rat Fink” on the side of the building is gone, but it didn’t fit the new vibe of Morning Brew so it’s a good choice in business terms. The parking lot is small, but so is the establishment. As Goldilocks would say, “just right”.

Window view of Front St.


Bright and fresh are the words that come to mind. The owners have really made the most out of this fairly old building.Not that it looked bad before, but there’s a different energy in it now. Minimalist decor, modern equipment and smiling faces behind the counter make this a place that is a welcome stop if you are out in all the construction nearby. Local businesses, office workers, and Judicial Building visitors can all find common ground here.


What can I say except outstanding? The owners and the staff are one and the same on our visit. Very polite, eager to talk to us, and answered our many questions with a winning smile. Even when pressed for time to run errands and work other jobs, Tayo and Brett took the time to make us feel welcome and appreciated.


…or in this case, beverage. The Missus and I came here for the coffee, that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. As such, we didn’t try any of the biscuits or other goodies but they looked great. Pastries and unique biscuits were on open display, which is a nice touch. I sometimes miss the old method of food displays in an establishment.It helps sell me on something, because as the saying goes people eat with their eyes. The coffee was delicious. There were air pots for more basic blends and latte’s plus other coffee drinks to be made. Coffee not your thing? gasp Then try a smoothie or tea.


Everything is clean, fresh, and neatly ordered. My OCD gave a little squeal of delight. I’m pretty sure we were in The Good Place. Not a crumb or spec of debris anywhere. Well done.

Final Thoughts:

Well, downtown, you got what you asked for. A dedicated coffee shop. Clean, good robust coffee, friendly service, and walking distance from shopping and any legal services you could ever possibly need or be forced to show up for. I’m headed back soon to give those biscuits a try, or when I am haunting the square, possibly a smoothie to bring to The Missus. She love me like that. Go give these guys a try and remember…

MAKE LUNCH, NOT WAR!!!! Dig it!!!!

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