Miller’s Alehouse

They say its not what you know, its who you know. A couple of weeks ago, I had the great fortune through some wonderful people I know to attend the soft roll opening of Miller’s Alehouse. I’m a little late getting this too you, but better late than never. No further delays. Onward!!

The parking lot was PACKED! There was road rage over parking spaces and I was honestly afraid somebody was going to get hurt. Man, I hope that isn’t the case all the time. 

Walking in the front door, the hostess greeted us and checked our names. We were led to the second bar area and seated comfortably. The bartenders approached and quickly brought us up to speed on the way things worked there.

The menu was limited, and we could choose from a selection of items. We got the Zingers app. Chicken Tenders covered in cheese, pico, and sour cream. We nibbled on this a bit, though The Missus wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t eat much.

Later my dish was brought out and I had gotten the mahi mahi blackened, with a side salad. The food was fresh, the fish cooked perfect, and the service great.

Essentially, this place is two giant bar areas. They have lots of craft beer choices with many local selections. In warmer weather they have the ability to raise garage door windows and open up the second bar to the great outdoors.

This place is going to be a reasonably priced food and beer choice in an area already replete with such. It’ll be interesting to see what Miller’s does to Sam’s directly across the parking lot.

Let Mortal Kombat begin!

Give these guys a try, and let HHH know what you think.

Make lunch, not war!

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