Love Your Neighbor…on The Square!

On October 27th from 2 pm to sunset, a unique event for Murfreesboro will take place on our historic town square.

It’s time to come out and Love Your Neighbor.

Love Your Neighbor was born out of a stance of love to drive back hate in our community nearly two years ago. Since then, several Love Your Neighbor gatherings have taken place in Barfield Park, where a diverse meeting of many different cultures come together to share food, fun, a smile, and the love we can all have for each other.

This time, it’s going to take place on the the Murfreesboro Square, showcasing booths featuring the music, cultural aesthetics, information, and most of all FOOD of many different countries and ethnic backgrounds. It is truly the art of making lunch, not war.

Yours truly will be on hand helping with the event along with the Muslim Youth Program, Murfreesboro Cold Patrol, and many other local supporters. This is a FREE event, open to the public.

I already know this is gonna be 5 out of 5 peace signs. Dig it!

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