HHH Dances with The Nashville Stars!!!!

Feed America First is a non-profit located here in Rutherford County that feeds tens of thousands of families a month.

About a year ago, they reached out to HHH and asked me to be a celebrity (strong word!) dancer for their Dancing with the Nashville Stars event at The Factory in Franklin, TN.



What does that mean? I’m glad you asked.

This is a fundraising event for their organization, their biggest one of the year. Every dollar they take in feeds 10-15 people.

This is where you come in.

I will be paired with a professional dance instructor to do an original dance routine, which will be judged by a panel.

However, the real winner is decided by YOUR VOTES! How do you vote? You guys are asking all the right questions!

Very simply, you vote with your dollars. Each dollar is one vote. To help with this, there is a web site you can go to and donate directly at Vote for HHH!!!

If you want to see me trip the light fantastic in person, you can buy tickets at see HHH dance live!!!. Ticket sales count towards votes as well!

If you know or own a business that would like to sponsor me, the sponsorship levels are listed here:

Contact Lidia Graham on how to become one at:
1) (615) 405-7570
2) lidiagraham@feedamericafirst.com

Most of the other dancers are from Franklin. I am YOUR ONLY dancer from the Rutherford County area! Please help me represent!

The dancer with the most votes wins…ARE YOU READY?…A disco ball trophy!

It goes without saying that if The Hungry, Hungry, HIPPIE can’t win a disco ball trophy I need to turn in my tie dye!

Instead of a donation, you could help by messaging me for a copy of the two-page flyer I have pictured in this post and put them up in your community and business. The more you help spread the word, the more families get to eat a good meal.

Let’s make lunch, not war, for thousands of needy families in the mid-south area!

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Hello everybody!Just wanted to “drop a line” that HHH has to take a break to take care of some personal business for about a week. Selling the house is taking up all my time.Reviews of Acapulco Burrito, Battle of the Burgers, and more are going to come a little slow, but they are still coming.Keep on making lunch not war and I’ll be back up to speed shortly.



Sweet potato hash and a cappuccino in one of the most delightful historic settings in Rutherford County. Don’t have time to sit? Visit the take home display for something on the run. You’ll be glad you did.Make lunch not war!



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