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By now, most of you know I was diagnosed earlier this year with Type 2 Diabetes. Sugar is the bad guy. Its in everything. The biggest culprit in my eyes is in processed beverages. For the last three months, I decided to not take any chances and just drink water, or the occasional glass of unsweet tea. Or as my friends from up north call it, “tea”.

Water is great for you. It’s the best thing you can drink, and really it’s the only thing you need to drink. After 50+ years of drinking flavored drinks, it gets a bit old just drinking water. I crave something with some taste occasionally. So I decided to see if I could find some type of flavored water I could have.

The first thing I decided to pick up was Vitamin Water. Sounds healthy, right? It’s certainly marketed that way. The one thing I’ve learned recently is to read the labels on everything. And read them carefully, because they lie to you. Its like negotiating with Gollum for a sugar-free One Ring. I looked at the lable for Vitamin Water and sure enough, it has vitamins in it. But sweet swirling onion rings…32 grams of sugar per serving (One bottle is a serving) and 33 carbohydrates. You can get those same vitamins any number of ways naturally from other foods and beverages without enough sugar in it to fuel a race horse. This is NOT a good choice for blood-sugar conscious individuals.

Glancing next to it in the cooler, I found something I had never heard of before: Bai Anti-oxidant Infusion. Grabbed the bottle and read the nutrition info. Huh. 1 gram of sugar. 6 grams of carbs. 0 sodium. Ok, I’m on the line so let’s see if they can reel me in. I read every word on the bottle and decided it was a good option to try. My afternoon testing was 109, so it didn’t elevate it. Specifically, this product has a clause that says an ingredient in it, Erythritol, has carbs that have no calories or effect on blood sugar.

So for now, it seems like I have at least one sugar free drink option that is water, but isn’t. Any of you have any suggestions on sugar free drinks that don’t have artificial sweeteners?

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