Goodness Gracious At Readyville Mill

You guys know by now I love to eat locally owned foods. In particular southern comfort food is a staple of my diet. There’s one place in Rutherford County (just barely in it) that keeps me coming back eager to get to the next item on the menu, or see what the next weekly special is. That’s Goodness Gracious at Readyville Mill. Located only 15 minutes from the heart of Murfreesboro in the Readyville near the Cannon County line, this unique setting and incredible menu offer a tourist destination worthy location that has an early 1800’s operating mill, gift shop you can buy goat’s milk soap from, take and bake options, and even local honey. Let’s spin the wheel and catch the grist.

First Impression:

If you’ve never been here before, you may want to GPS the location. While it’s off the beaten path a bit, you might miss it if you’re not careful. When you pull into the gravel drive, it’s like pulling into a working farm. The Readyville Mill looms in the back of the property, impressive in its historic grandeur. To the right lay Goodness Gracious Restaurant, a long covered porch acts as Sheppard to its guests, leading them to a wooden door. A vintage pick up lay to your left as you walk, often the repose for two beloved cats who sleepily act as ambassadors.

As you enter the door to the lobby, ample seating awaits the friendly call of your name from the hostess. While you wait, samples of honey, baked goods and pies, specially blended coffees and other treats are available for your perusal.


You’ve probably been in a Cracker Barrel or some other country themed eatery in the past. The Mill puts them all to shame. This place is the real deal, not some interstate stopover imposter. A mix of roadside inn, old country store, and grandma’s kitchen permeates the setting. Everything is genuine including the staff who are some of the most down to earth people you will meet. When you leave, you’ll feel like you’ve had a great meal and made some new friends. 


Our server on this occasion was just on top of it. This is par for the course here, but it was especially true this day. Drinks, entrees, desserts…all timed well and brought out together. Moreover, it turns out The Missus and I had common interests with our server, and the experience was easy-going and friendly all the more for that. When your server is waiting on you and you hardly notice, but everything is taken care of…that’s good service.


Sweet Christmas, where to begin? This place is one of my five top places in Rutherford County to eat. It’s that good. Every time we come here, The Missus and I make it a point to try a new item and share bites. Last time The Missus came without me and got a tomato pie. I just had to try it. Layers of fresh tomatoes, spices and cheeses in a corn meal crust and baked to gooey consistency. Just amazing.

The Missus had an omelet stuffed with smoked pork and cornbread, topped with pico. Put the pennies on my eyes momma, I’ve had it all! Absolutely delicious and had to have used an entire chicken coop of eggs it was so big.

Last but not least, buttermilk snickerdoodle pie. Very rich, and very tasty.

The pics say it so much better than me this time. Make sure you check ‘em out.


A lot of attention to detail here. The floors were clean, no lipstick on the coffee cup from the last guest, silverware shiny, and no dust build up that I could find. All signs of regular, thorough cleaning.

Final Thoughts:

Readyville Mill is more than just a place to grab a great meal. It’s a piece of history from our area still alive and thriving. It’s a fabulous event location for things like outdoor weddings. Its someplace to find a unique gift for that special someone. It’s a shame they are only open Friday to Sunday 8 am to 2 pm. Because its good enough to eat every day. Goodness Gracious that is.

5 out of 5 peace signs! Dig it!

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