Feed America First

A few things to talk about in the spirit of giving during this holiday season.

Recently, I became aware of an amazing charity in this area called Feed America First. I had never heard of them before, and honestly I don’t know how I missed these guys. This is an organization that feeds about 35,000 families a month, and provides relief for hurricane and other natural disaster victims.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to tour their facility on John Bragg Highway, and see how it is they do the amazing things they do. Donations are received by large companies and food distribution centers, and from there they move the food out to where it needs to go. Volunteer efforts are a big part of this, and the support system these people have is nothing short of incredible.

If you would like to know more about how you can help, or know someone who needs this help from Feed America First then contact them and ask how you can be a part of what they do. Their website with contact information and a more detailed explanation of their efforts is here: https://www.feedamericafirst.com.

Feed America First holds a fundraiser every year that utilizes “Nashville’s Dancing With the Stars” as its signature feature. Celebrity Dancers are paired with a professional dancer from National Dance Academy to put on a dance routine. Votes in the form of donations are taken for your favorite dancer, and donations plus ticket sales by the celebrities chosen to appear all go towards FAF’s efforts and help to determine each year’s winner from the dance competition. The real winners however, and the thousands of famiies all this support finds its way towards. Yours truly, HHH, will be one of the celebrity dancers for next year. Will it be “The Hustle”? Will it be “The Pony”? You’ll have to buy a ticket and come see me to find out. 🙂 Dance lessons start next August, so stay tuned sports fans.

The pictures for this article are going to be a mix of ones from a tour of the FAF facility and the 2018 fundraiser. Give ‘em a look.

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