Blue Raider Foods

Sometimes you just gotta have that…thing. That food or beverage you crave to an unreasonable degree. But holy moley…you’ve already got your jammies on. Or your spouse took the car and there’s no groceries. Or its just too freaking cold. What you gonna call?

Third party delivery service, that’s who.

There’s more options than ever before now for this sort of thing. Uber Eats. Door Dash. Grub Hub.

I decided to pick one and try it. When I think of Murfreesboro delivery, it had to be True Blue. Blue Raider Foods.

Why Blue Raider Foods? Local branding. Shop local when you can.

I checked the app store for Apple to see if there was something there to use, and I didn’t find anything unless I missed it. So, I Googled the name of my restaurant and blue raider food and got a hit to click on. If you want to check out their site, click here: Since I typed “Ginger Thai Blue Raider Food” the link I got went me straight to the ordering for that menu, so that’s where I started. You’re going to see that reflected in the pictures.

The menu was pretty straight forward. You scroll down (not swipe left or right) till see you see your menu item and click on it. It puts it in a cart and any decision points you need to address appear on a pop up. Special instructions, number of items, heat level, etc. Once you have made all your picks, then you go to the confirmation screens and input your card info. Honestly, its really easy. They then give you an estimated window for your delivery.

Now this next part kind of works like Instakart for grocery delivery. It tells you when a delivery person accepts your order, and tracks there progress towards your residence. They arrive, you sign, and blammo! Time to gnosh.

It took an hour roughly to get my fix in’s. That’s pretty consistent with most pizza delivery so that’s cool. I never expect take home/togo to be as good as getting it in-house, so I was curious how hot, fresh, and delicious (just like me) it would be when it got here. Que part two of the review after this short intermission

(Insert dancing concession stand characters)

Welcome back

If you’ve been following me in the last few months, particularly since I got diagnosed with Type 2, you know I have turned to Pho and other soups for nutrition that’s relatively worry free for me. Ginger Thai has been one of my favorite places for Udon, Pho, and Tom Yum Goong. I wanted to see how those massive bowls of broth, noodles, and other goodies would arrive, and despite my ravings about this place in the past I had my dislike of delivery food from sit-down restaurants reinforced.

The soups were neatly wrapped up, in fact double wrapped, to ensure that no spillage would occur.

Phenomenally sturdy, thick plastic containers.

Itty bitty spoons to eat it with.

I think most restaurants assume you are going to get their food home and replate it just like it would look in their establishment. False. Most of us are going to eat it right out of the box. We ordered delivery also because we don’t want to have to wash the dishes from cooking and that includes utensils. So, most places don’t put the effort into their to go materials to really make the food hold up and provide you with the cutlery and tools sufficient to enjoy it. The ones who put a huge emphasis on to go only parking at their sites I find the most annoying with this.

So, where was I?

Oh yeah.

Tiny spoons.

There was no way I was going to eat a gallon of soup a half teaspoon at a time. Fortunately, I also carry chop sticks with me for just such an occasion. We poured our soups into bowls, and fished out the solid innards into them as well. The Missus’s soup (Creamy Tom Yum Goong) had separated while in transit, but it incorporated well enough again.

The Missus had me order her an extra side of noodles to just eat, and after some investigation, I discovered that it was assumed I wanted them in my soup. My Udon looked like two squid fighting over an oyster. Just a lot of noodles. It still tasted good and we were pleased, but it wasn’t the same as eating it there, and a few mistakes were made.

In the end, I think that’s the trade off for home delivery.

1) Its going to take longer to get to eat most likely.

2) Its going to require you to use inferior utensils and containers.

3) You may have to end up washing dishes anyway.

4) There’s a good chance something is going to be wrong with it.

5) You don’t have to leave the house

6) Apparel choices are broader. Perhaps optional.

7) You can enjoy other activities like a movie on TV while you eat.

8) You get food for delivery you used to not be able to.

Myself? Anything that’s not fast food I prefer to go to the effort of making the appearance and going out. But every once in a while, it is nice to have those other options.

“Make lunch not war”!



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